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How to Hold a Book Launch Without Any Books

So I wouldn’t recommend this as a deliberate strategy, but if you do find yourself in the position of having to host a book launch without any books to offer people, here’s how to make it work. The secret is to have an amazing group of friends and well-wishers who will treat the lack of […]

The False Doctrine Soundtrack

I have a guest post up as part of Roz Morris’s series The Undercover Soundtrack, which features writers talking about music that helped to inspire their work. It was a lot of fun to look back at the writing of False Doctrine from this angle. I’ve been in the habit of making soundtracks for my […]

Pretty Pictures I Found While Writing My Book

To tell the truth, some of these are pictures that I didn’t need to consult, as they show places I know well that made their way into the story: Victoria College, where I was an undergraduate; Annesley Hall, where I lived for three years; the Epitome Apartments, where I lived some years later. Others are […]


I finally understand why people use the phrase “debut novel.” I never liked that phrase, but it’s much more accurate than “first novel.” This isn’t my first novel; it’s something like my fourth, at a conservative estimate, not counting some real juvenalia, of which we will never speak, a large number of unfinished projects, and […]

“7C Goes Down”

The newest installment in the adventures of the tenants of apartment 7C is out! Nick, Takehiko, Cristina, and their boss, Rose White, are back in this one, along with some new characters—but no demonic pigeons this time. “7C Goes Down” is a novella (about 28,000 words) so it’s a longer read than the previous two […]

What Kind of Arthurian Knight Are You? A Quiz

This is a quiz I made up for the last day of my Arthurian literature class. I thought I’d share it here, to help you determine how you’d fit in if you found yourself unexpectedly plunged into an Arthurian romance. 1. You meet a beautiful maiden, scantily clad, sleeping alone in a tent. What do […]

Digital Book Day

This coming Monday, July 14, my story “The Tenants of 7C” will be one of the 300+ works available for free as part of Digital Book Day, a new initiative started by thriller author C.J. Lyons to … well, to give away free ebooks. It’s pretty simple! Take a look; you may discover some great […]

“The Siege of 7C”

I’m happy to report that the second of the Heaven & Earth stories, “The Siege of 7C,” is up on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords! (Oh, and the first one, “The Tenants of 7C,” is up too, if you missed it.) The series is urban fantasy, which just means it puts fantastic characters in a modern […]