A New Look and a New Book

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any writing news to report, but at long last here are a few related items, all under the heading of a relaunch for the Heaven & Earth series.

Item 1

The first book in the series, The Tenants of 7C, has got a new cover. At the moment, it’s only for the ebook, but I plan to update the print version as well, as soon as I can. I wanted the new cover to show faces to catch the eye, and also to hint that the relationship between these two characters might be of interest. What do you think?

Item 2

I’m delighted to report that the second volume in the Heaven & Earth series, Attack of the Metaplot, will be out everywhere in ebook on July 31! Paperback to follow soon.

I thought this cover should feature the three female point-of-view characters in this book, so there they are: Clare, Brianna, and Rose. This volume collects the stories “The Silver Bullet Gambit,” “Over the Viaduct, Under the Hill,” and “Ivy vs Elm.”

Item 3

I’m currently at work on a new story, one that I wasn’t planning to write, which relates events from the Midsummer Ball (in Attack of the Metaplot) and afterward from Cristina’s point of view. Cristina has been a supporting character from the beginning, so it’s a challenge to write from her perspective, but I hope the result will be fun. (Or something. Cristina is not really into fun … ) Cristina’s story will be an exclusive extra for subscribers to my mailing list, so if you’d like to read it when it comes out, sign up now!

P.S. The reason my writing life has slowed to a trickle over the last year or so is … I had a baby! She is amazing and changes everything. But yes, I am still writing! (Many people have asked.)

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