How to Write a Convincing Medieval Setting

UPDATE: The course has been rescheduled to April 20. You can still sign up now!

Over at Savvy Authors, I’m bringing together two of my favourite things, to teach a four-week workshop on writing fiction in a medieval setting. If you’re interested in writing a novel set in the Middle Ages, or medieval-inflected fantasy, come join me! The course begins on Monday, but registration remains open until Wednesday (Jan. 28), and you won’t miss a thing.

Oh, and even if you’re not up for a whole course, you might want to take a look at the post I wrote over there on life in a medieval castle.

[caption id="attachment_821" align="alignnone" width="293"]Vittore Carpaccio, The Dream of St. Ursula, 1495–1500 Vittore Carpaccio, The Dream of St. Ursula, 1495–1500[/caption]

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