The False Doctrine Soundtrack

I have a guest post up as part of Roz Morris’s series The Undercover Soundtrack, which features writers talking about music that helped to inspire their work. It was a lot of fun to look back at the writing of False Doctrine from this angle. I’ve been in the habit of making soundtracks for my works-in-progress for a while, and though the False Doctrine playlist isn’t actually the one I’m proudest of, it helped me along the road to a finished book, which has not been the case for all the others. There’s probably a lesson about process and perfectionism in there somewhere … hmm. Anyway, you can read the guest post here.

Roz’s series is about using music in the writing process, which is something it seems many authors do. But I found myself making a lot of allusions to specific pieces of music within my story, too, and just for fun I compiled as many of these as I could find on Youtube. This is probably of interest mostly to me, but since I just learned how to make a playlist and embed it in a blog post (technology!!), here it is:

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