I finally understand why people use the phrase “debut novel.” I never liked that phrase, but it’s much more accurate than “first novel.” This isn’t my first novel; it’s something like my fourth, at a conservative estimate, not counting some real juvenalia, of which we will never speak, a large number of unfinished projects, and various things that aren’t quite novels. This is the first one that’s going out into the world, though, and I’m delighted about that. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m ready. The time is right. This is it.

And it’s out!

Well, it’s half-out. For complex reasons which I won’t attempt to explain, the ebook is available now, but the print edition is … not. (PRO TIP: Don’t chose a launch date for your indie book release that’s within a week of returning from a long road trip.) And though I love and read ebooks myself, I confess that having the physical book to hold onto (hug, wave around, etc.) is going to be a big deal. It will be out soon!

But it’s the 21st century, and the ebook release totally counts, so here you go.

I hope you like it.

From All False DoctrineAvailable at:

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Toronto, 1925: An ancient manuscript and a modern cult promise the secret to personal metamorphosis. An atheist graduate student falls in love with a priest. A shiftless musician jilts his fiancée and disappears. From All False Doctrine is a metaphysical mystery wrapped in a 1920s comedy of manners.

Thrown together when their best friends fall in love, Elsa Nordqvist and Kit Underhill don’t think they have much in common. But when Kit’s friend Peachy drops off the face of the earth, and the manuscript that Elsa wanted to write her thesis on seems to have something to do with it, Elsa and Kit become unlikely allies. The question is, can their combined resources of Classical scholarship and Anglo-Catholic liturgy save a man from himself?

Oh, and there will be a launch party, replete with physical books, on Saturday, September 20, from 3:00–5:00, in the parish hall at St. Thomas’s Church, 383 Huron St., Toronto. Everyone is welcome!

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