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I finally understand why people use the phrase “debut novel.” I never liked that phrase, but it’s much more accurate than “first novel.” This isn’t my first novel; it’s something like my fourth, at a conservative estimate, not counting some real juvenalia, of which we will never speak, a large number of unfinished projects, and […]

“The Drawer with the Plan of the Cathedral”: Book Excerpt

This is an excerpt from Chapter Two of my (very!) soon-to-be-released novel, From All False Doctrine. I chose this bit to share because it conveys the tone and some of the themes of the book without giving away too much of the plot. The setting is Toronto in 1925. The two characters here, Christopher Underhill […]

“7C Goes Down”

The newest installment in the adventures of the tenants of apartment 7C is out! Nick, Takehiko, Cristina, and their boss, Rose White, are back in this one, along with some new characters—but no demonic pigeons this time. “7C Goes Down” is a novella (about 28,000 words) so it’s a longer read than the previous two […]