Monthly Archives: April 2012

Help for Combatting Sloth

These are a couple of texts that have helped me, at different times, to fight the impulse to avoid the work that God has placed before me. The first is what I think of as “The Prayer for Finishing Your Dissertation.” I’ll bet you didn’t know there was any such thing in the Canadian Book […]

The Value of Handmade Things

What is it about handmade items that gives them a value beyond their mass-produced counterparts? Why would I pay more for something handmade, go further to seek it out, or just feel especially pleased to own it? I don’t want to attempt to answer this question for “us” or “one,” just for myself — though […]

Those Things Which We Ought to Have Done

The confession in the office of Morning Prayer in the Book of Common Prayer speaks of having “left undone those things which we ought to have done.” I have been thinking recently about what some of those things are. For me, this is not just a confession about the large, obvious, or specifically religious failures: […]